Mile Public House: A nice trendy bar in South shore.

Mile Public House: A nice trendy bar in South shore.

I finally get to chill around in the trendiest bar in south shore! Heard of Mile Public House? Go to Dix30 Square, and you cannot miss it! I’m actually quite happy to see this bar settling in without trouble. Now we finally have a nice place to hang with friends. Really love the setting. Not to mention, the staff is very efficient and attentive to your needs!

Mojito Rico & Attaches ta tuque!

Mojito Rico & Attaches ta tuque!

I actually prefer Attaches ta tuque over the mojito rico for one simple reason: much more fruitier! Mojito Rico is simply an exotic version of a plain mojito.

I personally find the drinks very affordable. Add 4$, and you get this huge jar of cocktail. But because I already had a 5 a 7 that day, which I inhaled about 3 glasses of wine already, I opted for the smaller version of the cocktail for 9$, still very decent!

Beef tartare

Beef tartar

Since we simply wanted to chill, we did not order much other than a beef tartar. I wished we refused the pepper… after the pepper sprinkle, the tartar basically tasted….pepper. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but I would had hoped it left some place for me to actually taste the tartar and not just the pepper. Other than that, the tartar was fresh, nicely diced. Nothing fancy. Just like the menu description of the entree, french classic tartar.

I really hope Mile Public House is staying around and keep doing what they are doing. Hopefully, this will attract other bars, that we can find from the Montreal to come settle in south shore! Especially in these times, it is a hell to cross the bridge during the weekend!

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  • Sara says:

    Dear boulou boulou…!

    Please don’t tell me you hang out at dix30… It is the very definition of the decline of America. Depressing plastic suburban architecture.

    From the looks of your experience, I would avoid this place at all costs! Looks like your typical trendy lifeless places typical of those suburban concept centres (Zibo, etc… sorry haven’t been to enough of those places to be able to name more than one…).

    Anyways, hope to see some more of your blog posts!

    • zuuchini says:

      Hey Sara, good to hear from you again!

      Unfortunately, I do hang out times to times at Dix30, especially it is conveniently within my reach. I am actually enjoying the architecture of Dix30 Square. It’s giving a whole new vibe to the whole dix30.

      I actually find Mile Public House to be completely different from Zibo. It really does leave an impression of a bar locating on either street St-Laurent and Mont-Royal. Not that I pass by enough, but the few times that I did, I saw that Mile Public House was receiving a young large crowd during evening hours.

      You should have a look if you ever shop at Dix30! Just a look would do enough evidence.

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