Patati Patata: their poutine = BIG heart

Patati Patata was an impromptu visit which explains the Iphone quality of the picture. At odd hours, about 10 pm, it was fully packed. Granted, it’s not a big place. But the turnover was so quick! Clients keep coming and I have an idea why….


Their poutine is incredible!!! It’s so ordinary yet so delicious. It’s in the smaller portion, which is good so I didn’t feel guilty feeding my tummy with fatty stuff at 10 Pm. Actually, I didn’t feel disgusting at all after finishing the whole poutine! I was secretly craving for more. There’s actually nothing that really stands out bluntly.(actually – there is…there was an olive in the poutine, i don’t know if it was intentional, or it’s their secret ingredient…look at the picture and see if you can find it!) But somehow, this very simple poutine excelling at every basic aspect of a poutine, in the exception of the cheese which lacks of squeakiness, is pure wonder. This has to be my favorite poutine, sharing the rank with Benny’s.

I don’t know what took me so long to eat at Patati Patata. I wished all the times I ate at la Banquise, I could have gone to Patati Patata instead.

As for the burger, I don’t remember if I had a bite or if Mr.Butter praise about it. Well the fact that I didn’t remember probably means it was nothing special.

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