Tequila Taco: Crazy good Sopa Azteca

Tequila Taco: Crazy good Sopa Azteca

Ever since Mr.Butter noticed Tequila Taco at the intersection of Sherbrooke and St-Laurent, whenever I passed by, I always wanted to check it out. Why not with such a cute name?

And we finally did!

Once sat down, I was felt I was transported back to my recent trip to the south! The music really set the atmosphere. Mr.Butter was enjoying the playlist. He loves bachata!

I played safe and ordered whatever had the “House Special” tag because I really didn’t want any disappointment, not when everything was going so well right in the beginning.


House made tortilla chips were served and they were addictive! One of the best one I’ve tasted so far. I wished we could have more!


I’m so glad that this picture came out so beautifully! I want the audience to understand how DELICIOUS this sopa azteca was! It has been a while that I admired a dish this much, especially when this is a soup! The soup was filled with cheese, tortilla, coriander and avocado goodness! To put avocado in a soup never crossed my mind! I should really try to do that at home, it really helps the soup to taste creamy. It was like a tomato soup but 20 times better. If I come again, it would be for this amazing soup and I would order the full size version!


Mr.Butter had Tacos de Asada, which were soft taco shells with tender beef…NOT. The beef was not tender; it was probably overcooked. Not something I would want another bite.


As for my main course, I had Tacos Baja California. It was funny. I felt like I was eating Chinese food wrapped in a taco. Mr.Butter couldn’t agree more! It has to be the mix of stir fried shrimps, bell peppers and onion. Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied. It didn’t taste bad, but just not what I was looking for.


Before leaving, free shots were served! Sweetly good!

Their tacos were a letdown but Sopa Azteca is already convincing me to return there again!
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