5000 ans: Good Bibimbap

5000 ans is a Korean restaurant I heard often about but never got the chance to try it until recently.

This place is very cozy but very HOT. So hot that I had to tell the staff to lower the heat – I was at the point of sweating…

Anyway. I will keep this review short and sweet. Why? Not much to say…it’s passable food… I wasn’t very impressed. I only found their Bibimbap good.

Note…They don’t really serve side dish for free…which is a bummer.








Korean seafood pancake

Korean seafood pancake

Not recommended at all. This might be one of the worst korean pancake I had…



A dish I truly enjoyed.

Not sure of this dish….i’m thinking it’s Galbi but it doesn’t look thick enough to be galbi though…

They actually come to help you cook the meat – which is something I don’t really like…cuz then I have to eat the meat all at once… I want to cook one by one! so i can enjoy one by one!



Can’t really screw up a Bulgogi can you? This bulgogi tasted like any other decent bulgogi…

I’m really searching for a good Korean restaurant in Montreal that serves homey authentic dishes (the unusual ones, not the usual Bulgogi, bibimbap…jachae….) Any suggestion?


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  • Mai says:

    Best korean restaurant (for me) would be Chez Bong :). It has a special place in my heart! Probably because it has to do with how my relationship with Dan started -_- and also the owner knows us so well since we used to go all the time! XD We should go there once!

    • Cyn says:

      Mais oui Mai! Tu nous a amené là une fois! Maintenant, à chaque fois que quequ’un me demande un resto coréen, je dis tjrs Chez Bong!! :)

  • zuuchini says:

    Very true say about how memories affect our judgement! :) Actually, I think you’ve forgotten, you brought us all (all the girls) to Chez Bong a few years back! I really enjoyed the meals if I could remember correctly. I should really re-visit the place again!

  • filmbeats says:

    I think Hwang Kum in NDG comes the closest to being that great Korean restaurant but it is also one of the most expensive ones I’ve been to. Their LA Kalbi ($18 I think) and PaJeon (maybe $13 at least) were top-notch in my opinion when I tried it out late last year. There’s a relatively new place called Chingu that I’ve yet to try.

    For more affordable places there’s Ganadara and Kantapia (very recently opened in April). Kantapia had some of the tastiest kalbi even if the portion was a bit small. Still it was surprisingly better than a few other Korean restaurants where I paid $5 more for the same portion size. I liked the kalbi and fried chicken at Ganadara.

    • zuuchini says:

      I’ve tried Hwang Kum and just like you, I think their dishes are rather expensive and the only thing that I really liked was their seafood pancake.

      Never heard of Chingu and Kantapia, thanks for the heads up! Will keep in mind next time when I want to eat Korean.

      As for Ganadara, heard the total craze! But I don’t want to deal with the line up and all for now…

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